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May 30, 2012 / Wythe

150+ random NPCs/PCs

Courtesy Strange Stones. Check it >>

(I love the emphasis on headgear. Also: great names.)

Even for someone running a not-at-all-traditional DnD campaign, lists like these are extremely useful. What do the inhabitants of Xol, City of the Ruined Gate, look like? Specifically, what do those skeezy thief-types at the bar look like—the ones about to jump the isolated green malmain after he’s deep in his cups? What about their hit points? Do I really want to roll up stat after state when I can refer to a pregenerated list: I can make Ghentlex the halfling thief with a mace (page 15) into Ghentlox the scincid thief with a mace. Is a thief with 6 hp too weak for the PC? How about 60 hp and a grav-mace that crits on any roll above 12…

I especially love this list of multiclassed characters. I think these dudes could easily show up as an enemy squadron—one primed for infighting (their alignments vary wildly), boosted in the hp regard by a factor of 10, perhaps led by this face-melting bad-ass from another dimension, whom they no doubt worship. (#CatchingUpOnMyDnDBlogs.)

Many thanks to all makers of character lists and all sketchers of character concepts.

Image copyright the amazing Sam Yang >>


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