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May 31, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: stats, stats, more stats… 6 stats vs. not-6 stats

Just finishing up the archive of our long discussions about the very basics, for the d6 game. I said:

6 stats vs. not-6 stats – We should pick 6. There’s no huge downside. And if we later discover a huge downside, we can pick more or fewer. Any number, ultimately, is going to be arbitrary.

Perception – Agree, absolutely, with your thoughts on PER as a boring primary stat. So where does it go? Doesn’t go in Luck; that doesn’t work: People are better or worse at PER and can be trained in it. Can go in either QUI or WIS, but we’re not super jazzed about that… or are we?

I am really fine with PER being an aspect of WIS. You are perceptive according to unconscious but trainable… things. Brain subroutines. Habits, instincts. Things you don’t learn per se but can improve through exercises and meditation and practice.

Ability scores would be:

  1. Physique (PHY) – STR and CON (musculature and stamina) – bonus to Hero
  2. Quickness (QUI) – DEX and Init and REF (reaction time and agility) – Madman
  3. Intellect (INT) – INT and Psi (learning, both exoteric and obscure) – Genius
  4. Wisdom (WIS) – WIS and PER and SAN (volition, intuition, empathy, and perception) – Saint
  5. Charm (CHA) – CHA (comeliness and deception) – Mimic
  6. Luck (LUK) – New, “the joker stat” [stands in for another]; also wealth/status – Hapless

P.M. said:

I think the idea of perception tied to quickness is just a reflex save, as compared to perception of things going on.

I don’t think 6 stats vs not-6 is a can be written off, as it is the heart of the 6-archetypes associated with 1 stat each. I am fine with it being 6 stats, one for each archetype, but I do think we might need to fine tune what the stats are and how they relate to the archetypes. I do like the newer 6, but again, it seems that the heart of our game is these 6 archetypes, so things need to fit very well into that mold.

One thing I spoke about with P.D. briefly is what the stats actually do. In DnD, the stats all augment skills in the same way, effect savings throws, etc., but our system seems like it is almost a little bit bigger (like Physique of 3 is REALLY different than a physique of 2), and that Luck seems like a very different stat than the others.

I said:

Agreed the main diff. between the d6 and d20 systems is scale (going up one point is a huge step, in ours), and agreed that Luck is mad different than the others. Feels like Luck will need some of the most fine-tuning.

New thought, courtesy/re Mazes & Minotaurs:

I just saw this game and scanned the basic rules, noting that the ability scores in M&M are:

  • MIGHT (physical strength)
  • SKILL (adroitness and martial training)
  • WITS (alertness and cleverness)
  • LUCK (good fortune and divine favor)
  • WILL (resolve and self-discipline)
  • GRACE (charm and appeal)

These terms mirror ours in some ways: They try to get beyond DnD clunkers such as “constitution,” and they add Luck. But look at “Skill” here: They’ve run into the same problem that we did re Perception/Quickness, trainable/natural instinct. They’ve also settled on Will, even though I really don’t think the various components of the human mind are mostly or even largely volitional. No answers here, perhaps, but an interesting list to add to the pile.


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