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June 1, 2012 / Wythe

Random character generation madness: fuck yes, crocodile-men

I am definitely going to make some characters (NPCs, one-off PCs, playtesters) using this awesome, random character-generating system for the Kos setting over at Dungeon Smashing Empire.* You roll for species and moniker, which can also include faith and treasure. See further specification for elves in Kos, mongrelmen, and crocodile-men. (Yes!, crocodile-men.)

Rolling randomly, here’s the first character I made:

Nooj (see my earlier post on fantasy names)

Species: Mongrel – “MONGRELMEN resemble small men, covered in parti-colored fur, with long bare fingers and a lemur-like face.  Quick moving, they covet shiny objects…”

Moniker:  Witchsight – “You can see one plane more than you would otherwise be able to – i.e., a normal person is able to see onto the Second Plane, a wizard could see onto the Third Plane, etc. It is very difficult to use illusion magic on you. The Church of Ido will not be favorably inclined to a character with this trait…”

Image credit = IDK. Dungeon Smashing Empire? This is a wonderful work, in any event. The mongrelman Priests of the Green Triangles are surely summoning some dire aquatic horror to search out shiny baubles for them.

*Is the dungeon smashing the empire? Or is the empire a dungeon-smashing type of empire? I enjoy this ambiguity and ask mostly rhetorically. Unless someone out there knows the answer.


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