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June 2, 2012 / Wythe

Character history: Dr. Lelay on Luna…

Here I present some of the basics on the unfrozen Doctor Tom Lelay and his life back on Luna. PCs, forgive me if this does not 100% correspond to the chronology so far:

Lelay lived on Luna when it was green and blue, mostly terraformed, underpopulated (by non-robots)… and fought over disastrously by the mutant Slug Kings (Glasaloth, Zoth-Urlaakhi the Thousand Feet, and Mmamoath the Nonuniform), the retreating New Tephnians (the earth men who’d terraformed it), and the two “native” Lunar empires, Kalidash (still in control of the Clockwork Legion) and Khalinaar

As far as Lelay can tell, he is from 5000 years ago, give or take. Late Early Tephnia/Late Moon Culture. Not quite yet High Tephnia (Pax Tephnia). Consistent travel to Luna via slow nearspace Dysonboats (solar shuttles) and the terraforming of same have just taken off, but the Tephnians have not been fucking with their genome nor the genomes of the squamids yet. There are no unhumans. There has been no loss of Succession of the Blood from the original Tephu (if he existed) to the Sanguinarch of Lelay’s era—a ruler about whom Lelay has only hearsay to report, being a true Lunan (the demonym for a moon-born citiyoen of Tephnia).

Lelay’s parents were petty administrative officials from the region of Carnassitur (Karnash), as were his wife’s. He never got a chance to visit home before he was frozen. (At which time he must have been shot back to earth, to be stored in the lab at Z4.)

The Crippling happened just after his birth, and he and his wife Leslie spent their lives wondering what earth was like. [The Crippling = the destruction of Carnassitur’s Port Avalus {Agol}, where nearly all the civilian Dysonboats were anchored;—destruction by the frog-horrors loosed from the fuel station Grim Fin…]

The Lunans had a hard time after the Crippling, with seats on flights restricted to military personnel. His wife was a biologist and he a geologist [both level-zero bourgeois experts]; he gained his Physiotech bootstrap training on Luna after his wife passed in one of the first skirmishes of the Slug Wars.

Ignored by the Sanguinarch (who after the Crippling seemed to lose interest in nearspace… though perhaps there was some other reason [treaty…?] that Lelay is unaware of), the Tephnian rump states on the moon succumbed, ultimately, except for their glittering/depopulated capital, Khalinaar. But that was much after Lelay’s time. He become a Political, a pro-Khalinaari reactionary, and signed up for one of the first Experimental Legionary operations: OPERATION SLOWHAND LUKAS.

They told him he would only be frozen a few days, just to test the machine’s cryodynamics. They (the Khalinaari Transitional Governmental Authority or “Khatragah”) were wrong.

They were super wrong…

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