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June 5, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: skills, by ability score

I love this break down of ability scores tied to our new skills. P.D. said:

I’ve been trying to tweak and compile all the rules we have in prep for tomorrow playtesting. I am integrating the “new skills” with our system in order to save time. Here are some interesting things when you condense them.

13 skills:

INT INT Academ
QUI QUI Kinesth
WIS WIS Percept
PHY PHY Athletic

QUI WIS Bushcraft

QUI INT Hand Eye

INT WIS Medicine

WIS CHA Deception


QUI CHA Performance

How many skills is this ability score in?

INT – 7
QUI – 6
WIS – 5
CHA – 3
PHY – 1
LUK – 0

So, in general, I think it makes sense that Int and Qui have the most skills. And I also like that WIS is high on that list. Part of me thinks it’s a little phishy that PHY is only in Athletics… and that Athletics is only PHY, cause then it’s like, why not just roll a PHY check… but I think keeping it a skill is important. Also, I’m not sure how to handle luck—I think luck is going to need some over-arching rules about how it effects what.

How do we feel (now) about these skills? is this the right array of them?

I said:

I also thinks this makes sense (high in INT, QUI, WIS skills). It doesn’t bother me, from the DM POV, that PHY has only 1 skill, since mostly PHY affects combat (which can be thought of as a whole host of “skills”—unique stats you can put/earn points in), and then there’s the leftover category of “sports/athletics that don’t affect combat,” which we rarely use. (“Climbing” is a potentially useful exception, but it hardly seems worth to us to make Climbing a mismatched solo skill, on the same order as “Academics” or “Perception.”)

Your point that we don’t really need Athletics (and/or maybe other STAT / STAT skills?) is well received, and I’m happy to simplify. We can try a game with these skills and see if they a) take too long to put points in; b) are rarely used/confusing compared to pure stat rolls; or c) do not represent the full range of needed skills.

I suspect we don’t need this full skill system for our quick, one-off, simplified version of the game. That said, we can perfect as its own portable system—useful for PF, a very slightly expanded version of our simplified game, and potentially any RPG system (many of which come with cumbersome, counter-intuitively organized, mismatched skills lists).


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