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June 6, 2012 / Wythe

Prometheus: technoscience/discovery as villain

Here is Ridley Scott’s creator/bad guy Peter Weyland, at a future TED conference, talking about how awesome technoscience is:

Is this not the greatest beginning to a sci-horror event ever? Is this not also a wonderful way to structure a campaign: You’re seated in that auditorium, ready and willing to work for this maniac. He may be self-centered, but he’s a genius, goshdarnit…

This is the definitely the vibe I’ve been going for (successfully or un-) with many of the NPCs in the Headless Giant game. “Do as I say, because it benefits all of humanity… maybe.” Do you make that deal? Should we ever?

I don’t know if DnD can provide the answers, per se, but I love thinking of gaming as more than a game—as an ethical playground, a doomsday-scenario machine, and an ongoing, collective myth about what it means to identify and (try to) defeat “evil.”


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