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June 13, 2012 / Wythe

d6 RPG: scenario: The Old West: Cold Open

This is awesome! By P.D.:

I’ve been riding the train, thinking up different random tropes, and then considering how the 6 Archetypes would fill out a party. Consider something like the below:


The HERO — May Granger  After her husband, the sheriff was shot and killed by as-of-yet-undiscovered desperados, May became the first female Sheriff of Young. She takes the job seriously, and the folk in her town, for the most part, take her the same. If there was one thing that was the most remarkable about her last year as sheriff it’s her apparent lack of effort to track down her husbands killers. Perhaps some things are best left buried.

PHYS: 3 QUIK: 2 INT: 2 WIS: 2 CHA: 2 LUK: 2

HP: 18
HS: 2
SS: 2

Weapon: the USFA Double Eagle, Government Issue.
Damage: 6
Rounds: 5

Quirk: Tenacious — as long as she’s at 1/4 HP or less, she adds 1 to her Hit and Shoot Score.

the MADMAN  Ross “Roscoe” Coanoke  Rumored to have somewhere between 1/64th and 1/2 Navajo blood in him, Roscoe’s made a living playing go-between between Natives and Settlers alike. Most notably, in addition to his bilingual bent, he’s also quick to end disputes with an even quicker draw. Having the favor of the Navajo in the area (to the North), gives Roscoe an uneasy leg up against any local lawmen.

PHYS: 2 QUIK: 3 INT: 2 WIS: 2 CHA: 2 LUK: 2

HS: 1
SS: 3

Weapon(s): 2 Smith & Wesson Colts.
Damage: 6
Rounds: 6

Quirk: Crackshot — adds +2 to any die with an even number on a Shoot Roll.

the GENIUS — Tammy Wyndover  Raised in a proper English boarding school before becoming an orphan at 16, Tammy (originally Tabitha) came across the Atlantic in hopes of finding more open attitudes toward the non-whore, non-wife employment of women. She proved herself a capable rail-engineer in a then-burgeoning New York City, and came West with the railroads to oversee expansion to the coast. A falling out with her “partners” left her bitter and in Arizona, where’s she’s been ever since.

PHYS: 1 QUIK: 2 INT: 3 WIS: 3 CHA: 2 LUK: 2

HP: 6
HS: 1
SS: 0

Weapon: none.

Quirk(s): Old — She has -1 PHYS but +1 WIS; Jaded — She gets -1 to any active CHA roll, but +1 to any reactive CHA roll.

the SAINT  Gus Miller  Proprietor of the local saloon (no beds, no whores, but piano music every night), The Plank House, Gus was the first child ever born in Young, AZ. An older soul than a young fellow like him has a right to be, Gus took over they bottles of Whiskey from his father and the bottles of tinctures and salves from his mother. He’s a right church-going man (meaning the saloon’s closed Sunday) and has pined for quite a while over some lady in town, though no one’s gotten him to say who.

PHYS: 2 QUIK: 2 INT: 2 WIS: 4 CHA: 2 LUK: 2

HP: 12
HS: 2
SS: 0

Weapon: none.

Quirk: Humane — +1 Wisdom, but must make a Sanity check at witnessing a human death, and auto San loss at causing the death of a human.

the MIMIC — Violet  She says that her stay in Young was caused by a broken coach, but she’s been set up in the widow Dalton’s extra room for longer than it takes to fix a coach, and she’s been into the bed of (and purse of) too many of the men in town for anyone to think she didn’t have at least a temporary stay planned. 50% of the time she tells the men she’s a simple Parisian ex-patriot. The other half and she’s a top-shelf whore from New Orleans.

PHYS: 2 QUIK: 2 INT: 2 WIS: 2 CHA: 3 LUK: 2

HP: 12
HS: 2
SS: 1

Weapon(s): Charter Arms, Lavendar Lady (pearl grip).
Damage: 4
Rounds: 5

Secretish Stilleto (concealed).
Damage: 2 + PHYS.

Quirk: none.

the HAPLESS — Lester Greenwood  He’s just arrived in town as the would-be school master of the soon-to-be-completed school house. He’s a hefty fellow, whose vices are gambling and custom suspenders he orders from a custom men’s shoppe out of Chicago. He was solidly the middle of his class of other educators back East, and is ambivalent about his new posting to Young. He hates the heat, but he also used to hate the rain, so…

PHYS: 2 QUIK: 2 INT: 2 WIS: 2 CHA: 2 LUK: 3

HP: 12
HS: 0
SS: 0

Weapon: none.

Quirk: Cowardly — must pass a WIS check in order to make any attack, but rolls an extra 1d6 on every Perception check.


The smoke had been visible from the Northwest for the better part of the morning, but no one was sure when it’d started. Every person asked said they allowed it was already visible by the time they woke. From the Southeast, the noon mail coach arrived right on time, carrying Lester Greenwood into town in addition to what letters and what not there were to deliver.

Lester stepped from the coach. He had been sweating for hours. There in the crossroads of Young, AZ, he could see a single man (Roscoe) dozing in the shade of a building on the West. On the East side of the street, a handful locals went about their business. One of them, though, was a woman (Violet) Lester couldn’t happen but take note of, and when she walked up the short steps of the Plank House, Lester realized it might just be time for a cool drink before settling in. He hitched his pants and hefted his case and crossed over.

Miss Tammy Wyndover was at just that moment stepping into Young’s Sheriff’s office. She’d been kept up the whole night but the strangest sounds and commotions, and she wanted to have May come have a look at the right-crazy tracks that’d been put down on her property before the rain washed ’em out and people swore she was crazy. May knew Tammy wasn’t one for crazy stories, but still, it seemed hard to understand what she was describing.

Roscoe stirred a bit as a fly crawled up his ear. Tipped his hat back and glared into the sun. 6 dark men stood not 50 feet away in the center of the road. No, not men. 6 dark figures. Shapes too dark for the middle of the day. A high-pitched whine started.

Gus put down the glass of water in front of Lester, and then winced at the high whine that began. He cocked his head and stepped out past the bar and to the door. Violet turned from her drink to the window, and Lester from his drink to Violet’s back.

May led Tammy back out into the sun just in time to see Roscoe stand up on the other side of the six black figures.


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