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June 15, 2012 / Wythe

Warforged in hard(er) sci-fi

(Are just robots, right? I mean, minus magic, a magical robot is a robot? Or am I missing some property of ? Anyway.)

In a forum about DnD Next, one commenter asks, are we forgetting to ask “the most important question of all… Will there be warforged!?

(Nice interrobang.)

The point, I think, is: What will be carried over from the various DnD worlds/themes (Eberron/magic–steampunk, FR/classic high-magic fantasy, Dark Sun/ruined world–low fantasy, Planescape/unique, Ravenloft/Goth, etc.) into the actual 5e rules? Do we need warforged to be a base species? Or Defiler to be a base class?

It’s a good question. One commenter worries in jest that warforged (a popular character race, I’m guessing?) will be replaced by “dogborns (hairy humoids [sic] with a puppy’s face),” which is hilarious.

A longer, more direct taking-on of this challenging question is this, from another commenter:

I know that whatever they do with certain history and major event decisions aren’t going to make *everyone* happy; there’s always going to be some people who are unhappy if Lord Whoever is dead and some people who are unhappy if he’s not, and consider it as integral a part of the setting as “Dark Sun is a harsh, deserty world where divine power as it is tradtionally understood is absent”, but I think you can get the basics in there. I don’t think the settings should be modular—too much work and confusion for too little gain—but fortunately opinion on what belongs in each setting I think are in general less varied than opinions about how the game mechanics work.

Lurve it. I agree that “core rules” or whatever you call them probably need to be agnostic of any particular world, and amenable to all of them (perhaps with slight alterations).

For our part, we’re mostly concerned with building cool rules for our setting, knowing that some of them will be easier for other GMs to use/rework in their own games. A species or mechanically self-contained class is fairly modular/transportable, however, which is why I’m confident our material will be useful for others (once we get it together, edited, and put it up into the pages on the nav above, that is).

Anyway, the question stands: Is 5e the-rules-system going to nod toward generic fantasy setting? Will this new system keep warforged and other magic-robots and [insert your favorite weirdo class/race here] in the core/basic version? What do “most players” want, and is this even worth finding out?

No doubt the Wizards themselves are deep in colloquy over this question as we speak.

Aaaaand finally, here’s a dogborn, gross:

Double gross.


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