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June 30, 2012 / Wythe

Dark gourmand

This is a nice short adventure hook I may use; shoutout to RunePunk:

An evil alchemist/mutagenicist/drugdealer/turophile gets everybody addicted to his habit-forming, super stinky cheese. The PCs have to find this guy and mess him up… or extort him for a cut… or use the quasi-cheese (‘pata-cheese?) to develop some cure for some terrible disease…

Dude’s hench-things include a mutagenic imp/familiar, several “Remnants” (reanimated/steam-cyborg human husks, scraight Frankenthugs), and I would add some mufuckin cheese-hijacked brain rats.

TWIST: Perhaps a nephilite warren is also involved, trafficking the cheese in exchange for blood.

SETTING: Could be any city; in my setting, I would make it Keramis (already stocked with mutants, nephilites, and brain rats). I would make the cheese a potential cure for the hapless Silk Men (= dying of superfuture leprosy).

Aaaaand here’s a picture of green cheese:


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