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July 7, 2012 / Wythe

Five new sexes

This post—adding five new sexes (or genders*) to your RPG campaign—is phenomenal. I love this rigorous creativity. How can we make DnD really new, truly weird, actually philosophically curious? Add some muhfuckin sexes to the world. How basic. How hilarious. How… usable.

I mean, imagine meeting one of your PCs meeting a pretty [type of being the PC is attracted to] in a grimy cantina. The pretty NPC and PC make out. The next week, the PCs are back in the grimy cantina. The NPC is pregnant… from the PC’s saliva. The NPC, a spemale, wants the PC to pay up for child support. Hilarity ensueth.

Richard’s Dystopain Pokeverse is full of these gems. Check it out.

*A note on nomenclature: The author calls these new “sexes” as opposed to “genders.” These ideas are all for novel biological child-conceiving processes, so I think, from a purely scientific perspective, it is safe to refer to them as “sexes.”

If you disagree, many apologies! I ain’t trying to start nothing. I admit: Biological spemales may be “male” or “female” from our human/cultural perspectives.

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