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July 9, 2012 / Wythe


What is the Starbucks of the post-apocalypse like? I don’t mean the grimy, scary cantina—PCs always assume they’re in the grimiest of cantinas. I mean the place normal people go for a kelp lager or a coffee-like algae drink.

This is partially what DnD needs as a whole—normalcy (background) against which to set action (foreground)—in some ways, Die Hard than Conan—or at least the camel-punching, merchant/day-job/background noise of Conan.

I don’t of course think Die Hard itself provides the right elements (though it does give the right feeling); the question is, in your given fantasy/sci-fi world, where is Starbucks? Target? Walmart?

In what ways do these equivalencies not exist? Any given equivalency may be boring or so incongruous that it, far from remaining boring, sparks a new adventure.

Ideas for “normal” postfuture locations to serve as backdrops for PC action:

  • The algae farms – Shallow green lakes monitored by mercenary guards, all of whom are jacked up (+5 Init) on hyper-juice algae
  • The jellyfish pools – Deep cisterns turned white with slimy aquaculture. Don’t fall in… Gear nearby: nets, antitoxin, grills, salt, kebabs
  • The diner – Muhfuckers gotta eat! #Jellyfishburgers

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