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July 10, 2012 / Wythe

Carcosan character generation document! #METAL

This is very awesome >>

Here’s my sample character, rolled up randomly as instructed by What Went Wrong:


Name:  Cafolan

STR  8
DEX  10
CON  14
INT  12
WIS  11
CHA  13

Color:  Blue

Sex:  Female

Orientation:  Into ladies, except for this one time…

Tech level:  Savage Tribesperson – got a stone-tipped spear and a big wicker shield

Gear:  A small sphere – 2″ diameter, made of a hard translucent substance, origin unknown

Background weirdness:  Wicked awesome tattoos.

Alignment:  Chaotic (Yes, those slimy-ass bastards are my kind of fuckers! )

Sorcerer?  YES!

Why the fuck are you a sorcerer?  Slime-covered tentacular space gods killed a robot that was attacking my mother. Then the space gods killed and consumed my mother. #ObviouslyIHadTo worship them and beg to learn their terrifying secrets…


I’m totally making the PCs play random Carcosan characters at some point… In the mean time, in closing, here’s a thought from Jim Stutz that pretty much sums up why RPG bloggers have had Carcosa fever ever since Geoffrey McKinney’s excellent book dropped:

What we end up with are dinosaur-riding sorcerous cavemen exploring ancient ruins and pursuing the Greys for their nifty rocket launchers while being pursued in turn by Nyarlathotep and some undead mummies. Why? Fuck you, that’s why.


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