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Hell scientist.  New (based loosely on the Warlock class, per the Complete Arcane 3.5).

Description:  You aren’t a psion, per se, but a human who drank “the Blood” (nanorobots suspended in blood).  Your nanorobot liquid allows for some spell-like powers, but mainly ones that only affect you, yourself.  You can stretch your body like the yogi in Street Fighter, and you can vomit up powerful corrosive nano-breath.  The Blood, however, is addictive—and hungry…  A very powerful, very risky occupation.  Sort of like being a heroin addict with super powers.

Characteristics:  You probably wear crazy clothing and carry whatever weapon looks the scariest without knowing much how to use it.  You are probably arrogant, smart, lazy (hence trying to cheat life by drinking the Blood), and good-looking but stretched thin—cracked—dried out.  The Blood eventually rises to the skin and creates strange face-tattoo patterns.  (The face and brain use lots of blood; the brain is a storm of electricity; thus the head is the Blood’s home base.)

Why Adventure?  Blooders always need Blood.  That’s not true:  Most blooders don’t need Blood, physically, but they sure think and behave as if they do.  So on the one hand you want money, to buy more/new/better Blood (which can always be Junk, sold as real good stuff).  On the other hand, you want to ingest Blood, or just regular blood…

Background/Training:  Most Blooders end up solo, but early on may have a mentor, lover who also drank the Blood, or small gang.  Sometimes powerful Blooders or Blood dealers (very rare) “turn” a small cohort and enthrall them.  This usually ends badly for everyone.  In any event, your main training is the time you’ve spent, alone, thinking hard, trying to feel your nanorobots as they course (mindlessly? mindfully?) through your body.

Species:  Only humans can ingest the Blood… so far as anyone knows.

Role:  Your abilities are geared toward crazy fucking risky damage, as well as absorbing crazy damage.  You are (usually) super fast.  Strike early and often.  Be a weirdo.  You’re probably not a healer or leader, but the latter is not impossible.

Rules:  The Blood also causes more degeneration, often mental, sometimes rapid; this is due to the fact that the secret of properly maintaining millions of tiny robots in your blood has been lost.  Lucky for you (sort of), this Blood degeneration, called wilting or slag by many blooders, can be alleviated by drinking more and different Blood…

You probably have a blood “tap” somewhere on your body that lest you inject, drip, or smear more Blood into your stream.  Combining different types of Blood, called Bloods, can cause unexpected side effects, both good and bad.

For your first Blood, roll a d8 and add 1.  Look below.  That is your Blood.  You can’t start out Infected or Imperial.  Yay/sorry.  You get ONE Blood to start.

For subsequent ingestions, roll d10.  See what happens.

Blood costs 1 Bonus (Archaetech).  You can also buy it, if you can find it (in a very large city), but it’s a) horrendously expensive, somewhere around 5000t, and b) almost always Infected or Junk.  When you roll for bought Blood, subtract 2 from your outcome.

When Bloods do not mix, you suffer d4 CON dmg and 2d12 hp dmg and do not “gain” any units of Blood.  (You also do not lose any.)

Purging a Blood removes its bonuses and minuses.  Purging all Blood means you are not a blooder and cannot use class powers.  You do not lose hp earned as a blooder

Types of Blood:

  1. Infected (“Dust,” Slag, Vomit, &c.) – Blood that no longer works properly is Infected and will destroy other Bloods it mixes with.  Infected Blood mixes with everything, making it Infected in addition to its original type.  -1 INT.  -1 CON.  +1 rank Spew.  You gain the mutation Blood Hunger (see below).  +d4 pK.
  2. Junk – Most Blood is Junk, meaning it sorta works, but contains lots of inert (“dead”) nanorobots that no one can now repair.  Junk does not mix with 7–10.  Turns Blue to Grey.  Is turned by Flood into more Flood.  No change to abilities or ranks in blooder powers.  +d4 pK.
  3. Grey (Slow, Heavy) – Created somehow during the Undiminishing War, the centuries-old Grey or Slow Blood is corrupted Blue Blood that has become heavier over time by absorbing more inert material.  It is still more “pure than Junk,” but it isn’t amazing.  It gives a blooder a decent high.  Grey does not mix with 9–10.  +1 CON.  -1 Initiative.  +d4 pK.
  4. Flood – Flood is an insane partly algal Blood created in the distant past.  [Yes, yes, this is a Halo reference, I guess.]  Flood messes with your brain.  Flood is only half-Blood and so doesn’t cause, say, Blood Hunger.  It is, however, half-another living organism and therefore does cause Sun Hunger and hunger-hunger:  For each unit of Flood in your system (all units of post-Flood Blood, until scrubbed by a doctor), you must eat an additional 500 Cal per day.  Sun Hunger just means you start to take CON dmg when you don’t get 30+ min direct sunlight every day.  Reversible, but potentially deadly.  Flood mixes with everything, making it Flood instead of its original type.  +1 CON.  +1 Initiative.  -1 WIS.  -5 SAN.  +d6 pK.  -1 pG.
  5. Pre-War – Blood made before the Undiminishing War.  Bloods 5–10 are “real” blood, meaning less than 5% inert.  Pre-War Blood is basic “good” Blood.  Does not mix with 6.  +1 CON.  +2 Initiative.  Blood Hunger.  +d6 pK.
  6. Blue – “Noble” Blood from the end of the Tephnian Empire.  Does not mix with 5.  Blood Hunger.  +d8 pK.
  7. Quick – Does not mix with 2.  +5 Initiative.  Blood Hunger.  +d6 pK.
  8. Vampiric – Your Blood is very fine, ancient stuff that Does not mix with 2.  Blood Hunger.  Blooder Blood Hunger (per Blood Hunger, but for new Blood every 4 weeks).  +d6 pK.
  9. Ancient – Does not mix with 2–3.  +1 INT.  +1 CON.  -d6 hp.  +d10 pK.  +d6 pG.
  10. Imperial – Blood from the Pax Tephnia, perhaps use by real Tephnian nobles.  Who knows.  It is smarter than you.  Does not mix with 2–6.  +2 INT.  +1 CON.  +1 DEX.  -10 hp.  +2d12 pK.  +2d4 pG.  -d2 SAN.

Blood hunger (major mutation):  You crave the taste of blood.  Moreover, you need to drink blood to survive.  You must drain a pint of blood from a living creature once every 24 hours.  Doing so is an attack action, and you can only drain blood from a willing, helpless, or dying (not dead) creature.  The bitten creature takes dmg from the bite attack plus an extra d6 dmg from the blood loss.  If you go 24 hours without consuming blood, you take d4 CON dmg.  Drinking a pint of blood cures the ability dmg caused by blood deprivation in d6 rounds.  Ability dmg caused by blood deprivation cannot be restored through natural healing.

Psi:  Blooders are almost all pK-based.  When they’re gone, you spend pG at a higher rate (see each power).  Your surge spending x4 hp.  Some powers even compel you to keep manifesting using temporary CON points…  So…  Yeah.  Blood is powerful and serious and has a life of its own.

You gain CONmod+2 pK and INTmod+1 pG per level (starting with STRmod+DEXmod+CONmod + 1 pK and INTmod+WISmod+CHAmod + 1 pG at first level).

You have access to all powers and can put your 2 ranks per level in whatever you want.  Your Max Rank = Level+CHAmod, minimum your level (how convincing can you be to your nanobots).

Abilities:  You gain 2 “ranks” per level and can spend them however you want.  The powers so far discovered by blooders (listed below) are limited, but I’m open to the idea that there are others out there.


  • Boneless – subdual damage protection – Nanorobots disperse your hard parts as you fight, reconfiguring them, so you take less subdual damage.  Each rank of Boneless gives you subdual damage protection = ½ your level, rounded up, min. 1.  So, a 5th level Blooder with Boneless 2 has:  (5/2 rnd up = 3) x 2 = 6 protection.  Subdual damage in a single round of combat must exceed 6 to affect him.  [YES THERE ARE THEREFORE ILL BLOODER GLADIATORS with lots of rank in Boneless.]  Cost = 3 pk/day, regardless of rank (yes, cheap!).  This power is passive.  Boneless can also be used actively to give you +4/rank to any roll related to squeezing into a tight space.  This costs 5 pK/rank (representing how finely the nanobots can reconfigure your bones and guts without harming you).  You can choose to manifest fewer ranks of Boneless when squeezing through a tight space and low on psi.
  • Cloud – massive damage protection – Nanobots instantly disperse part of your body into a cloud, preventing it from being destroyed by a massive impact; they reconstitute (most of) your body after the attack/impact.  This is a passive power.  Each rank of Cloud adds +4 to all saves, system shock, and other rolls that have anything to do with severe damage, esp. loss of limb, head, or peripheral organ (liver = conceivable; heart = no way).  Each rank additionally immediately adds +2 phantom hp (they fade, 1 hp/10 min) back to your body when you reach 0 hp, giving you more time to act, and to receive first aid—staving off a coma.  (This represents that much of the massive damage “missed you,” but since it was massive, it will catch up to you.)  Cost = 3 pK/your level; running out doesn’t trigger a surge, but eats 3 pG/level in order to manifest.  If that’s still not enough, then you surge.  This power is passive.  Teaching your nanobots to use Cloud means they will always do so.  Cloud can also be used actively to give you +2/rank to a Tumble roll.  This costs 3 pK/rank.
  • Hard – ordinary attack protection – Nanobots flood toward an impact site just before impact, creating a tiny plate of armor that exists only for the duration of impact.  Each rank of Hard adds +1 AC against a single attack; each manifestation costs 1 pK.  This power is passive.  Teaching your nanobots to use Hard means they will always do so.  If you run out of pK, instead of surging, you’ll use 2 pG/attack to keep manifesting Hard whenever attacked.  Then you’ll surge, using first hp and then CON (temp CON dmg, not permanent loss) to keep manifesting Hard.  Nanobots are a bitch.


  • Camtrap – Your nanobots fly out of your nostrils and create a very primitive optical sensor that communicates “wirelessly” (via floating nanohubs) with your brain.  (Sensitive creatures can indeed detect a bloody “fart” hanging out of your face.)  Each rank of Camtrap and each of your levels extends how far you may move your Camtrap by 10 feet.  Yes, this means you can send it around corners, pretty far, at higher levels/ranks.  Camtrap adds +4 to Perception rolls per rank, but only for broad searches:  Camtrap cannot reveal color or fine detail, just rough shapes.  It will not help you find the tiny amazing jewel you are looking for.  Camtrap costs 1 pK/rank/round to manifest and may be manifested at a lower rank, if low on psi.  SPECIAL:  The reason this power is called Camtrap is that it may be left in place, “breaking away” from your nostrils, indefinitely.  This means you cannot use it (see via it).  You can, however, actively “log in” remotely via the Logos power Thrall.  You may also set up multiple Camtraps and log in to them at will.  Each Camtrap, however, costs 1 BLOOD, since it uses some of your nanobots.  “Re-eating” a Camtrap into you is easy but costs d4 pK/rank of Camtrap frozen out of you.  It also triggers a FOR save (DC 15); failing means you have Minor Blood Poisoning.
  • Read Code – Your nanobots interface with the Code and give you +3 to Decipher (Code) per rank.  They also give you a wildcard roll:  Rolling 1 on a d100 indicates that not only did you decipher this bit of the Code; your nanobots remember it from Before!  You gain extra knowledge (depending on what the bit you were originally deciphering was about) as well as 500 xp/every 5 DC of the Decipher (Code) roll.  This may seem weaksauce, but reading the Code is fucking hard, and it’s the key to amassing the cool archaetech shit you want/saving the world.  Cost 3 pG per rank per use or 5 pG per rank per use.  Does not trigger a surge unless out of psi.
  • Scout – Send some nanobots to look for something and report back.


  • Repro – Send nanobots into something electrical (including a brain…) and induce an effect.  DC = how bad the effect would be for host.
  • Scission – “Disconnect” a thought from someone—mental attack.  Success = stuns an opponent.  DC = based on their psi and INT.
  • Thrall – You set up a remote nanobot connection with one of your own Camtraps (see above) or with another electrical system (including a brain…).


  • Echo (Phys) – The nanobots manipulate light and shadow to create a 3-D holographic illusion.
  • Echo (Pscyh) – The nanobots go into someone’s head and make them thing they see something.  Very tricky.
  • Mirror – The nanobots hover around you and make it look like you are somewhere you are not.  Displacement gives an AC bonus in combate.


  • Charge – A la Gambit from the X-Men, your nanobots transfer electrical charge and heat into an object and launch it.  Roll to attack at your missile attack bonus +1/rank.  Damage = d6/rank.  Cost = dmg pK (which can get very problematic).  You can’t manifest this power at a lower rank.
  • Copy – Your nanobots construct a facsimile of an object out of the ambient dust around you.  Each rank adds +4 to a Craft roll (unaffected by your actual Craft score; +1 per your level).  So, copying a chair is probably DC 10.  At 2 ranks, you roll a d20 and add 8 plus your level.  Easy/medium-easy to beat.  But to copy a laser, you need to beat something like DC 40…  Costs 1 pK/DC (copying a chair costs less psychic stress than a laser).  Cost is deducted regardless of success.
  • Reconfig – Change an object or your own flesh.  The wilder the change, the harder it is (the more rank you need), and the more pK you burn.


  • Limb/Satellite – Shoot out a hand or even head as a “satellite” and fight/act double!  Very dangerous.  Addictive.
  • Stretch – Shoot your limbs out like Dhalsim.
  • Vamp – Steal hp (burns pK).


  • Eat – Nanobots go out and convert objects into pK for you.  However, this can cause you to slowly lose SAN.  As an attack, does d4/rank dmg.  Living beings provide you with d6 pK/rank, per successful melee attack (+1 to hit/rank).  Nonliving objects provide d4 pK/rank.  Costs 1 pK/rank to activate, can restore much more, potentially.
  • Flechette – Shoot tiny charged nanobots at an opponent.  Missile attack.  +1 to hit/rank.  You can get an extra +1 to hit by spending 3 pG (stacks, but only up to your max rank).
  • Spew – Spew nanorobots as an attack.  They dissolve opponents.  Does d4+rank damage ever round for rank number of rounds.  Costs d4 pK/rank.


  • Cloak – +d6/rank to Hide.
  • De-Frict (Speed) – +d3 initiative/rank.
  • Strip Barrier – Take apart physical structure quickly.

Hit Die:  d6.

Class Skills:  Academics (anatomy, basic nanosmithing), Crafts (Blood containers), Deception, Hand-Eye, Hell Science, Kinesthetics (proprioception: Blood), Medicine (Blood-administration, dose titration, surge triage).

Starting Skill Points:  (2+INTmod)x4.

Skill Points/Level:  2+INTmod.


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