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Scissipar (Prestige)

The Scissipari exist to cut the secrets of the Empire’s citizens out of their own minds.  The wealth, safety, and power of the Empire rests on control of information.  The Sanguinarch is not brutal.  He merely requires accurate information to make the often grim choices that He must make to keep the Empire from collapsing in the face of the rebellious slaves [the unhumans].  The Scissipari, then, are in many ways the most vital single cohort within the vast mechanism of the Empire’s various security forces…

In game terms, a Scissipar becomes an ultra-telepath, able to dig out information from any source—and to implant whatever counter-information she deems necessary, or erase the muddled slate entirely…  Scissipari are not frontline warriors, but excellent and natural, charming commanders.  After all, they always know the right things to say.

Scissipari report to the single Legatus of their corps, who is constantly moving throughout the Empire (though almost never beyond its borders—that’s a job for the Scissipari themselves, naturally).  Scissipari have access to almost unlimited material resources when they are actively engaged in a mission.  Most carry ray pistols and swords, though many eschew weapons entirely, preferring to find a “diplomatic” solution to every situation.  (Or, it has been said, “the Scissipar’s only weapons are his mazing eyes.”)

Hit Die:  d6.

Requirements:  The Scissipari are the elite of the elite.  To become one, a PC must have:

  • Intelligence and Charisma scores of 13 or higher
  • 6+ ranks in the Hell Science skill (specialized in Logos; the automatic +3 ranks received at 1st level as a Hell Scientist do count towards the 6)
  • Access to the discipline Logos
  • The ability to manifest 3rd-level hell science powers
  • The ability to read the mind of another human—this ability being tested frequently during the grueling entrance exams at the Black College, the corps’ featureless headquarters-obelisk in Saspara


1st:  Radiopathy (evolution):  You hear the thoughts of others all the time, at no cost, per Sookie on True Blood—i.e., only random surface thoughts. You have no ability to go deeper without spending points, but often you don’t need to go any deeper.  Every hand of cards, for example, is now known before it’s played…

1st:  Ultralimbus (evolution):  You add your CHA modifier to your psi points in addition to your INT modifier at each level.

2nd and all subsequent:  Continued Hell Science Training:  +1 level of base manifester class (Hell Scientist).

2nd:  Selective Amnesia.  As a standard action, you may “delete” your own thoughts—temporarily—to avoid detection by others (save higher level Scissipari…), at no cost.  The given thought or thoughts must be describable in a sentence or two (or an image or two).  They are “deleted” from contempation and view for a number of minutes equal to your total Hell Scientist level (including Scissipar levels) times 3.

4th:  Penetration (minor).  Press deeper into unguarded thoughts

5th:  Penetration (major).  Press deeper into guarded thoughts—even those “deleted” per above

6th:  Extraction.  “Rip” an idea permanently out of a subject’s mind

7th:  Restoration.  Restore an idea “ripped” out of a subject’s mind

8th:  Inception (minor).  “Incept” an idea permanently, if roughly, into a subject’s mind—the idea becoming a fatal zahir, an obsession

9th:  Uncanny ideation (“chrono-screwing”).  “Permanently” delete ideas from your mind, totally evading detection—only to suddenly “re-think” the “deleted” idea at a set time in the future (at least one hour later), as if by magic

10th:  Inception (major).  Incept an idea—one that may help or hurt, safely (or not)—with precision


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