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Despite their ups and downs (and frequent recourse to barter), paper and metal currencies have persisted in Pala in various forms since the First Unhuman War, as have banknotes, in times of relative peace.

The standard unit of trade is currently the trada, a gold disc cut with a thieves’ cross that originated in either northeastern Carvolia or western Vennar before the Undiminishing War.

The chief competitors to the trada are the unhumans’ graded denominations of mixed-metal proli (the prolus-10 is equivalent everywhere to the trada) and the Empire’s gold rikar, which, though it weights not much more than the trada, is kept strong by the state and so is valued at two trada in the market.

Finally, older currencies are highly valued by collectors in cities, but are often deemed more or less worthless in the hinterlands.

Money in Carvolia, Vennar, Arakha, And Fjatal

  • [1 cp] Temecci (“tem MAY CHAY,” pron. “za MEE CHEE” in parts of Vennar)
  • [1 sp] Spezza (“SPAYT za”)
  • [1 ep/5 sp] L’alba (“LAL ba,” only common in Vennar and Gilspar, increasingly in Arakha)
  • [1 gp] Trada (the standard unit of trade in Pala)
  • Banknotes

Money in the Federation of Unhuman Kingdoms

  • [1 cp] Chilus (called the “chichi” almost universally)
  • [1 sp] Prolus-1
  • [2 sp] Prolus-2
  • [1 ep] Prolus-5
  • [1 gp] Prolus-10
  • [5 gp] Prolus-50
  • [10 gp] Prolus-100
  • Banknotes

Money in the Sasparadan Empire and Faldan

  • [2 cp] Asu
  • [2 sp] Tal
  • [2 gp] Rikar
  • [10 gp] Rikar-5
  • [20 gp] Rikar-10
  • [200 gp] Rikar-100

Old currencies

  • [var.] Dhëm (“JZEM,” Arakhan ancestor teeth)
  • [var.] Tephnian glassteel carta

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