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Hell Science


Hell science is the evolution of consciousness—the merger of the human imagination with reality.  Hell scientists use their imaginations to sculpt time and space.  This makes them potentially very powerful, and therefore often very evil.

Blooddrinking or blooding is ingesting nanorobots suspended in human blood to enhance the self and resculpt the body according to the ingester’s imagination.  It is not a hell science per se, but as blooding shares many of hell science’s pseudo-magical effects, it is thought of as a related study.

Spiral shamanism requires stealing some invisible force—call it chi, qi, ki, orgone, psi, or whatever you like—from nearby biotic matter.  Its use can mirror hell science in many ways, though it is essentially different.  It’s called “spiral” shamanism because the pattern of defilement, for whatever reason, reaches out from the user in the shape of the golden spiral—and the farther it reaches, the more powerful the effect.

Crystopathy (crystal healing, crystal resonance, reverberation) is the use of red crystals to heal living tissue, by promoting (somehow, using the Higgs field, in a manner poorly understood at best) cells to emergently regenerate more efficiently than they would left to their own devices.

Tesseromancy is the use of a powerful and very rare archaetech artifact called a tessera (a corruption of “tesseract”) that appears, for all intents and purposes, as a bronze Rubik’s cube, generally caught floating about five feet off the ground…  These are the most powerful technological artifacts ever created on earth.  They are, perhaps, ultra-computers capable of traversing time and space, if only they could be understood…


I’ve tried to streamline all the extant psi and magic crap under one big umbrella question:  How would consciousness expand?  I think it would expand along certain vectors for certain talented individuals, per the current psi and magic rules.  So I’ve kept their rough categorizations, but lumped everything together, producing this list of “hell sciences” currently learnable, after years of focus and study, by PCs:

  • Aegis (abjuration) – The Shield.  Protection.  Abjuration spells, now thought of as expansions of the mind into the environment (no summoning or banishing, no demons, no angels).
  • Gnosis (clairsentience + divination) – Knowledge.  All the divinatory psychic practices.  Forethought and farsight.
  • Logos (telepathy + enchantment) – The Word.  Thought.  Communication.  “The Queen of the Hell Sciences.”  By far the most valued, difficult, and potential evil science.  Brainwashing.  Lovemaking.  Logos is the focus of the Empire’s research.
  • Mimesis (illusion) – Imitation.  The Shadow.  Like Aegis, a minor science, and one with no phantom-armies-that-are-actually-armies per fantasy d20 games.  Here, all the illusions are a combination of mental tricks (per Logos) with physical shadows and puppets and mimes (per Morphe).
  • Morphé (metacreativity + transmutation) – Change.  The Dream.  Shaping.  A powerful art that can produce great works of art.  The pride of Vennar’s hell scientists.
  • Physis (psychometabolism + necromancy) – Nature.  Life.  Death.  The World.  This powerful art can even resurrect the dead, it is said.  Though known better in Latura, Physis is being researched actively in Pala, particularly in the Federation.
  • Praxis (psychokinesis + evocation) – Action.  Mind War.  Explosions and mind bullets.  Currently, the Empire and the Federation know much more about Praxis than the other arts combined.  Curiously, Carvolia’s special forces (the ducal Antrustions or Foreign Guard) have pulled ahead in research on Praxis, in recent years.
  • Topos (psychoportation + conjuration) – Space.  Transformation.  Teleportation…  The focus of Arakhan psionic excellence.

There may also be various lost arts… The Archivists of Latura, perhaps, would know…


For now, we’re mostly using the Pathfinder rules, “Psionics Unleashed.” But we hope to create our own system soon.

Changes include: There are no psi crystals. There is no “psionic focus.” There are, however, psi tattoos. The Reverberator class can create them, using a red crystal needle and ink.


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