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Skills, Feats, Bonus


Why a new system? 1) There are skills in DnD that would “realistically” be tied to more than one ability. 2) Intelligence should matter more and represent more of “what you learn in school” than it currently does.

The new skills system >>


I hate them. We still use them, more or less per Pathfinder pur sang. At some point, I may add some 100MY-unique feats.

More about feats >>


How archaetech (powerful ancient technology), pro-mutations, genetic modifications, fiefs, and other major bonuses are distributed. Details coming soon.

The basic idea is characters start with 1 Bonus at 1st level or 2 Bonus at 5th level, the recommended starting level in 100MY. Gmothi gain +1 Bonus as long as they are still bound to their tribe.

An unfinished list of bonuses >>


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