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The Seven Archae-Epochs:

  1. Power = 0. NON-ACHAETECH: Now. Back to the end of the Undiminishing War… E.g., Cottage industry, farming, medieval and low-fantasy weapons, etc.
  2. Power = 1. SASPARADAN: 1000 years ago. From the end of the Undiminishing War back to the end of the First Unhuman War (the Sasparadan Quasi-Epoch)… E.g., massive medieval commerce copying prior modes but without the necessary infrastructure, badly copied (from earlier eras) machine guns and tanks, body armor, low-powered steam engines, etc.
  3. Power = 5. LATE TEPHNIAN: 3000 years ago. From the end of the First Unhuman War (the Sasparadan Quasi-Epoch) back to the War For Succession and the Rebellion… E.g., planetary industry, a single planetary empire, moon colonies, near-space traversing ultra-mechs, nano-everything, super mutants, cyber-implants, quantum tachyon Kirby lasers, super efficient solar power, biothermal power, etc.
  4. Power = 3. HIGH TEPHNIAN: 5000 years ago. From the War For Succession and the Rebellion back to the Uplift of the Insectids and Squamids… E.g., British-Empire level massification of industry/policial power, boxy early steam-mechs, space travel to Luna only, imperfect lasers, solar power, nuclear power, etc.
  5. Power = 2. EARLY TEPHNIAN/LATURAN: 8000 years ago. From the Uplift [of the Insectids and Squamids] back to the resolution of the Great [Tephnian–Laturan] War… E.g., non-massive industry (per Industrial Revolution, but with more fields to play within), primitive lasers, primitive non-carbon power sources, ships, steamships, highly refined steam- and gas-everything, etc.
  6. Power = 6. CRYPTOCERID: Millions of years ago, when the bugs ruled the earth… ???
  7. Power = 4. ANTIQUE: 100 million years ago—CE 2012… E.g., massive, inexpensive production of arms, electronic goods, and transports, primitive near-space travel, omnipresent life-saving pharmaceuticals, sterile medical practices, etc.


  • Aleph (Remote Viewer)/Blinder
  • Armor
    • Mirrorcloak
  • Blood/Blood Scrubber
  • Breather
    • Drygill
    • Gasmask
    • Wetgill
  • Cloaking
    • Displacer
    • Eyeblinder
    • Ringcloak
  • Comm
    • Encryptor/Decryptor (Labyrinth/Stealer-In)
    • Farcomm
    • Telecomm/Jammer/Signalthief
  • Tessera
  • Translator (Babelbox)
  • Transport
  • Weapon/Charger/Ammo
    • Exotic
    • Handgun
    • Heavy Weapon
    • Melee Weapon
    • Cerasteel Sword
    • Nerve Whip
    • Rifle
  • Wetskin/Pressuresuit


  • [Location of Fief]


  • Additional Limb(s)
  • Bio-Attack
  • Bio-Defense
  • Camouflage
  • Enhanced Sense
  • Flight
  • Gills

(by region and species)

  • “In Latura, there are eight Mysteries of hell science—the Pale, the Mute, the Dim, the Waste, the Dominion, the Imperium, the Maw, and the Blood. Each allows the study of three or four disciplines of the overall science. Some choose to study their own combination of disciplines (the Snakeheads), but their way is more difficult…”

(by species)

  • Create ammon ultragene
  • Cybersmithing
  • Nusystemics
  • Ultragenetics

(fiefholders only)

  • Change Biome
  • Cleanse
  • Farm
  • Irrigate

(fiefholders only)

  • Capital (liquid)
  • Clients (a few powerful)
  • Environmental Safety
  • Food Supply
  • Peace
  • Population
  • Protection
  • Quality of life
  • Rent (regular but low)
  • Tax (annual but high
  • Vassals (many weak)
  • Water supply


  • Business/Herd
  • Familiar
  • Psychic Familiar
  • Food Source
  • Steed

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