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“Formori” is both plural and singular.  Formori are ant-persons.

Fomori are giant ants, or, better, antmen—three to five foot tall ants who walk semiupright.  The fomori are, collectively, ultra-smart.  But they suffer from, well, ant-ness:  They serve, almost without exception (almost…), their Empire, called simply the Empire—a hivemind rhizome megabrain which is the dominant consciousness on the planet right now, dwelling in the dry, montane southern portion of the West.

Strict glucovores (nectar-drinkers), the fomori do not herd food or keep non-insectid slaves (they view gmothi as uselessly weak).  As a rule, across all their various phenotypes (thrall, engineer, scout, Amazon, prince, queen, mutant), fomori are incredibly strong and able-bodied.  They are also exceedingly pragmatic.

They suffer, one on one, from a lack of abstraction and an almost total lack of adaptability.  Surprise, for them, is not a feeling; it is a synonym of “pause.”  They do not understand jokes and do not seem to possess likes and dislikes; if asked, they profess to “like” living and serving the Empire, and dislike the notion of death.

Individual fomori are very short-lived but are occasionally provided with a permanent ultragene infusion that allows them to live some number of years (they are often not sure exactly how long) in order to accomplish some project for the Empire.

Very, very occasionally, in fact, individual fomori who have been granted the ultragene infusion go rogue and decide not to return to the Empire at all…

Fomori adventurers are almost always female, though theoretically a prince (male, flyer) could decide to go rogue (it is unheard of, to date).  Fomori, like mantids, are silent but are never sent on diplomatic or spy missions without a babelbox.

Unlike mantids, the fomori are not “human” at all.  They do not understand art, passion, the hell science, and other consciousness/culture-related concepts.  They exist to gather data, build, and execute the every whim of the Empire… unless they no longer exist for these reasons, in which case, all bets are off…

PC fomori may theoretically “learn” human traits such as humor and culture… or they may never understand non-insectid thought.  Only time will tell.

Ability modifiers:  +3 STR, +1 CON, +2 WIS, -4 INT, -2 CHA.

Size:  Medium.  Land speed 30 feet.

Hell science classes allowed:  None.

Species bonus:

  • Defensive sting:  2d12 dmg; automatically proficiently; injects venom (FOR save at -5 or paralyzed for d4 rounds); this attack does equal damage to the formori.
  • Bite:  d4 dmg; automatically proficient; does 1 dmg to the formori.
  • Phero-electrical vision:  Sight range is twice human at all times, regardless of condition, but always indistinct in comparison (have to roll INT check for details, no color).
  • Unbreakable focus:  +8 Concentration.
  • Born to build:  All adult formori (drones, soldiers, engineers, cutters, and ambassadors) have +4 Knowledge (engineering: formori) and +4 Craft (living city: formori).
  • Favored class:  Fighter (Empire Ambassador, Rogue Honeyhoarder).

Species malus:

  • Silent:  Requires babelbox to speak with hominids, squamids, and octopods (1 bonus at start must be spent on Archaetech: Insectid Babelbox).
  • Hivemind:  Must obey the Empire at all cost; breaking with the hivemind is technically possible, but results in temporary insanity which can be come permanent; further, other formori will attack on sight.  (This rule must be continually updated, on a case-by-case basis.  Theoretically, with artifical “lying” pheromones, a PC fomori could “pretend” to obey, only to live, sane, on her own.  Theoretically…)  [Or she may even turn out, in the end, to be a sleeper agent…]
  • Many forms:  Your formori may have been created to serve a special purposed for the Empire; its form may be significantly larger or smaller (roll 1 mutation at 1st level).  Subsequent directives from the Empire can entail more morphological changes.

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