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“Gmothi” is both singular and plural.  Gmothi are, more or less, savage halfings.

Quick, halfing-like demihumans, the gmothi (“em-OH-thee”) claim to be the original inhabitants of the planet.  They are staunchly against the development of the hell science in humankind, which they see as a great aberration.

Gmothi appear to be four foot tall, fine-boned humans.  They have long, thick tangles of head hair and no facial hair.  Their skin color is pale, olive, brown, or dull red-orange, and their hair is almost always jet black.  Great artists, as a culture, the gmothi tattoo one another ritually starting at birth.  They also have a greater store of pristine archaetech than the other sents and are likely to be wearing bend (plastic) goggles, metal trinkets, and other rare items, even if non-adventurers.

Fully at home in this post-world, the gmothi do not understand property or why humans act the way they do.  Sometimes, they drive out their own, who end up in human societies as solitary exiles.  Mostly, they are nomadic, organized into gypsy-like carnivals of one hundred or so gmothi of all ages and both genders.

They cannot interbreed with humans or unhumans, but this has not stopped either from trying.

The gmothi speak the gmothi Poeisa (thousands of dialects, all mutually intelligible—more akin to styles of music, or poetic choices, than true dialects) and call themselves gmothi.

Ability modifiers:  +2 DEX, -2 STR.

Size:  Small.  Land speed 20 feet.

Hell science classes allowed:  None.

Species bonus:

  • Small:  +1 size bonus to Armor Class.  +4 size bonus on Hide checks.  Carrying capacity is 3/4 human.  Movement is 2/3 human.  Must use smaller melee weapons; cannot use heavy weapons.
  • Tribal archaetech:  Archaetech +1 at start.
  • Improved vision:  A gmothi can see twice as far as a human at all times.  +1 sight bonus on ranged attack rolls.
  • One with the world:  +1 on all attack rolls against hell scientists.  All skill checks relating to nature +2.  Needs less food and water than other species (half).
  • Secret of origins:  You understand, in a way that can never be translated outside the Poeisa, more about the true history of earth than a member of another species would.  +2 Decipher (Code).  +4 History. +4 Intuition.
  • Traveler:  Speaks 1 bonus common human or unhuman language plus the gmothi alltongue, Poeisa, at start.
  • Favored classes:  Barbarian (Gmothi Bravo), Ranger (Gmothi Wayfarer [classic sniper], Gmothi Peregrine [classic scout]), Reverberator (Nightkeeper).

Species malus:

  • Tribal life:  Investing in Gengineering, Longevitics, or Terraforming results in expulsion from the tribe.  The tribe may borrow an individual’s archaetech (or the whole individual, for that matter) at any time.
  • Taboo:  Most tribes have specific taboos against certain tech, human practices, other species, areas, etc.  Choose 1 taboo and stick to it or suffer WIS damage every day until penance is made (or insanity occurs).  Choosing more taboos raises your status in the tribe to Exalted and gives you access to more archaetech.

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