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Mutant elves from the fungal wastes.

The greens are photosynthetic, elfin futurehumans from the Chasm, an Australia-sized fungal forest caused by a mega-catastrophe in the distant past.  Almost totally wild and only now venturing beyond the great fungal canopies, the greens seem to have no history (or disbelieve in the concept).  They can manifest the hell science, but (mostly) randomly.

Anarchists pur sang, their “organization” or “society” (the terms may not be used typically here) consists mostly of small family or non-family groups, wandering either for a purpose or to discover a purpose, to live.

Greens stand from between five to seven feet tall and are, on average, slightly taller than humans.  Greens are, well, green:  Women tend to be a light, smooth mint until pregnancy, when they deepen to a moss.  Men tend to be always darker in tone, with more brown, gray, and orange undertones.  Considered very beautiful by human and unhuman standards, greens are often abused; their demi-human children, however, always die of cancer before reaching age two.

In the Chasm from which they come, the greens seem divided between those who want to know about the non-fungal world (called Leavers) and those who don’t (called Becomers—they want to eventually become plant matter; it’s far neater than dying alone in the sand).  They claim to have been around and observing Sasparada for centuries, but their “history” is entirely oral and highly metaphorical.  (Compared to the greens, the gmothi strike humans as regular professors.)

The greens call themselves Rifeyh (“REE fay”), Rifeh (“REE fa”), or simply and most often Rif (“REEF”), in their language (also called Rif), which almost no one can make heads or tails (or tales) of.

Ability modifiers:  +2 DEX, +1 CHA, -2 CON, -1 INT.

Size:  Medium.  Land speed 30 feet.

Hell science classes allowed:  Black Legionary, Malmain, Snakehead.

Species bonus:

  • Photosynthetic:  Does not eat.  (Except by choice, perhaps as performance art.)
  • Mutant circulatory system:  Can survive in fungal wastes, both the Chasm and the Great Fungal Taiga, as well as other radiation-heavy areas.  Non-mutant beings make hourly CON checks and daily FOR saves or suffer lost CON, damage, and eventually disease and death (depending on RAD level).
  • Mutant GI tract:  Can digest the fungal waste-flora.
  • Mutant CNS:  Immune to psi sleep effects.  +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment-like psi powers.
  • Excellent low-light vision:  A green can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and other poor illumination.  She retains the ability to distinguish color and detail.
  • Limber:  +4 Jump.
  • Alert:  +2 Listen, Search, and Spot checks.
  • Underdeveloped electrophysical sense:  A green who passes within 5 feet of a secret door is entitled to a Search check, as if she were actively looking for it.
  • Favored classes:  Barbarian (Waste Wanderer, Chitindart Deadeye), Black Legionary (Exanarch Merc [Sasparadan, Carvolian, or Vennari Elite Auxiliary]), Snakehead (Evolving Exile).

Species malus:

  • Unstable genome:  A green rolls for 1 mutation at 1st level.  Certain gengineering, psi, and environmental effects (radiation) can trigger spontaneous mutation.
  • Wild:  -2 Diplomacy, Gather Information in urbs.
  • No religion:  The Greens do not conceive of the world as requiring a master narrative and therefore cannot become ecclesiarchs.  They may study crystopathy and become Reverberators, but they do so mechanically, earning the ire of those who take the art to be a divine boon.  Most likely, a green will never even seek healing from a narrativizer.  She will simply wait for her body to graft itself back together, like a tree…


Greens generally follow one of four “moons”—intersections of Luna and Tsune as seen from the Chasm, hundreds and hundreds of feet below sea level and below the titanic sky-obliterating canopies of the great fungi:

  • Rajantfocus – full Luna, new Tsune – You become fixated on one random object (whether learning to master a particular craft or skill or weapon, or sing one song really well).  Greens are totally free of fate—indeed, they are even free of meaning, extrinsic, natural.  They assign themselves meaning.  Roughly one in four assigns herself a meaning so intense, so random, that it defines her.  She is respected (as all greens are, by other greens) as a rajant.  Most all green reverberators are rajants.  [This means you.]
  • Alaxoadoption – full Luna, full Tsune, in syzygy (completing a single mega-moon) – You seek a new community beyond the Chasm.  Not because you lack anything, within the Chasm, but because you feel the need to define yourself apophatically, by what surrounds you, by what is not-you…  Most greens who settle far from the Chasm (as opposed to in the Empire) are alaxos.
  • Shakantcuriosity – full Luna, full Tsune, en passant (tsune emerging from luna like a pair of horns) – You are childlike and curious about all things.
  • Aeitoconsumption – new Luna, full Tsune – You seek to create by destroying, to free the accursed share of meaning.

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