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Heartless assassin fembots…

Each Hannah is a slight, five and a half foot tall woman with shoulder-length black hair—always exactly the same woman.  Their expressionless, beautiful, mask-like faces are slightly disconnected from their heads, and seem to float, via black wires that betray their clockwork origin.

Designed, possibly, to serve as perfect assassins, these creatures are not, in their view, women or clockwork “creatures” or robots, but a real, equal, separate species—“Hannahs” (the word is always capitalized; every Hannah says her name is “Hannah,” one word, no last name).  They seem inherently to know how guns and other weapons function, even if they don’t know why they know, or what they want to do with that knowledge.

Hannahs cannot reproduce and do not generally attempt to.  They have no memories until their “births” in the silt deserts beyond the Five Mesas, where they usually wander (and kill, more out of curiosity than for any reason; they don’t eat), for years before stumbling upon civilization.

[Note:  Unlike a sensitive freemask’s, a Hannah’s lack of memories does not trouble her.  She seems to have a whole and human “personality” in most ways—it’s only that her personality happens to be that of a high-functioning sociopath.]

Psychologically, the Hannahs are calm.  Too calm.  Aloof, even.  They are curious about the world, yet they inevitably tend to end up… killing things.  Lots of things.  Do they “feel” “bad” about this?  Ask them.  They shrug.  They say “yes,” mechanically.

Playing a Hannah can be a challenge, but it is the joyful challenge of playing a tabula rasa—or, better, playing a “bad seed” trying (er, sometimes trying) to be good.

Hannahs are “born” speaking Mesan, Siltish, and the gmothi Poeisa.  They tend to invest much time in learning new languages and are rarely in one place for long.  (Especially since the authorities are often looking to question them about some suspicious death or another…)

Ability modifiers:  +2 DEX, +2 INT, -1 STR, -1 WIS, -2 CHA.

Size:  Medium.  Land speed 35 feet.

Hell science classes allowed:  None.

Species bonus:

  • Clockwork:  Does not eat.  Does not sleep.
  • Clockwork physiology:  +2 Balance and Tumble.
  • No breath:  +1 attack with rifles, bows, and crossbows.  Same bonus with pistols if both hands are used for one weapon.  Cannot be suffocated or drowned.
  • Built-in Code remnants:  +4 Decipher (portions of the Code only); +2 Use Device.  All Hannahs are proficient with simple weapons, martial weapons, rifles, and pistols.
  • Perfect nightvision:  No penalties for low visible light as long as some spectrum is being emitted in trace amounts.
  • Favored class:  Assassin (Mercenary Carbineer, Vendemme).

Species malus:

  • Mechanical senescence:  Every 10 levels, a high-level doctor must repair certain aspects of a hannah’s mechanics, or she suffers -1 to physical attributes per year, then -2 to physical and -1 to mental attributes per year until paralyzed, then dead.
  • Unfeeling:  -2 Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive.
  • Heartbroken about being heartless:  The longer a Hannah lives, the greater becomes her desire to understand what drives other beings to act the way they do…  Lose d3 SAN permanently every level.

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