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Pala’s year is the same as ours, 100 millions years ago (now), 365 days. There is very little variance from season to season, however, and months and weeks are counted differently. The year now has 16 months of 23 or 22 days (1 dual-lunar cycle per month for twelve months, with a correction period of four months at the end of the year so that the next year begins “properly” with a full Luna). Weeks consist of 8 day cycles, the last of which is only 7 days. There are three seasons:

  1. Spore (spring)
  2. Hot (summer/early fall
  3. Wet (late fall/winter)

The horoscope is tied to common animals, as it has ever been:

  1. Beetle – SPORE (The Gun-Black Beetle [or Armor Beetle], the type of darkling trained to act as living armor) – Sign 1 of the 1st Triad (Luna) – Joker – BREATH, HOLIDAY, PROTECTION, FAMILY – The first month is signed by the Beetle.  When Palan winter ends—though winter is scarcely any colder than summer—gangs of steely black darkling beetles swarm and mate, in a wide temperate range, from the eastern ocean to the west.  Thus most of the continent has, by custom and over many generations, set upon a particular date tied to the superswarming of the gun-black beetle as Day One of each year.  Day One is a cause for much celebration, though local customs differ.  In the Federation and the Empire, festivals roll through the streets; everyone gets drunk; and many scores of criminals are executed, cleansing the land of evil for the months ahead. – 23 days
  2. Spider – SPORE (The Blue Waspeating Orbweaver, cat-sized, electric blue, long-jawed spider used in hunting giant insects and maanhaars) – Joker – Sign 2 of the 1st Triad (Luna/Tsune) – CLEVERNESS, SURPRISE – 23 days
  3. Centipede – SPORE (The Ultracommon [Irradiated] Horrorlegs Crawler) – #1 – Sign 3 of the 1st Triad (Tsune) – STRUGGLE, CHALLENGE – 23 days
  4. Zog – SPORE (The Common Dunestrider, the most common riding lizard [chocobo]) – #2 – Sign 1 of the 2nd Triad (Luna) – MONEY, FORTUNE, THINGS/OBJECTS, MOVEMENT – 23 days
  5. Lizard – SPORE/HOT (The Achromatic Five-Eyed Tuatara, AKA the “Desert Sleeper,” the “Sleep-Seer,” etc.) – #3 – Sign 2 of the 2nd Triad (Luna/Tsune) – SLEEP, REST, BOREDOM, STASIS, SUDDEN INSIGHT, FORESIGHT, TRANQUILITY – 23 days
  6. Saurian – HOT (The “Black Prince” Rapaxosaur, the most common riding lizard among soldiers) – #4 – Sign 3 of the 2nd Triad (Tsune) – SPEED, FORCE, EFFICACY, DANGER, EGO/HUBRIS – 23 days
  7. Munkey – HOT (The Common Whiteblind Macaca, “friend of man”) – # 5 – Sign 1 of the 3rd Triad (Luna) – HUMANITY, FRIENDSHIP, HILARITY, FOOD – 23 days
  8. Deg – HOT (The Common Red Deg) – #6 – Sign 2 of the 3rd Triad (Luna/Tsune) – LOYALTY, STUPIDITY, BRAVERY – 23 days
  9. Dikdik – HOT (The Common Goat-Deer, edible) – #7 – Sign 3 of the 3rd Triad (Tsune) – FERTILITY, MOTHERS, YOUTH – 23 days
  10. Snail – HOT/WET (Any Macrosnail, typically the Keramine Parchsell [Garbage Eater] or Red Racer [“Rabbit”]) – #8 – Sign 1 of the 4th Triad (Luna) – GAMES, WHEEL OF FATE, GROWTH, AGE, PATIENCE – 23 days
  11. Eel – WET (The Giant Cutthroat Eel, a delicacy [akin to bluefin tuna, today]) – #9 – Sign 2 of the 4th Triad (Luna/Tsune) – PLAGUE, DECAY, DARKNESS, FEAR – 23 days
  12. Squid – WET (The Colossal Man-Eating Vampyromorphid) – #10 – Sign 3 of the 4th Triad (Tsune) – GREED, MADNESS, HISTORY, ID/NEMESIS – 23 days
  13. Maanhaar – WET (The March Maanhaar, AKA the Fierce or Brown Maanhaar) – Jack – Sign 1 of the Reconciling Tetrad (varies, mostly Luna) – WOUND, INJURY, HUNGER, BETRAYAL – 22 days (correction month/evil month)
  14. Brain Rat – WET (The Common Emperor Brain Rat) – Queen – Sign 2 of the Reconciling Tetrad (varies) – LOSS, SORROW, DEBT, ANXIETY – 22 days (correction month/evil month)
  15. Shark – WET (The Common Tentark [tentacle shark], found in southern waters) – King – Sign 3 of the Reconciling Tetrad (varies) – DOOM, DEATH – 22 days (correction month/evil month)
  16. Greendeer – WET/SPORE (The Common Photosynthetic Dikdik, milkable) – Ace – Sign 4 of the Reconciling Tetrad (varies, mostly Tsune) – REVERSAL, INVERSION, GOOD FORTUNE – 23 days (festival month)

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  1. Wythe / Dec 13 2011 2:42 pm

    Open question: How do I make this rollable (have 20 values instead of 16)? / make a rollable version of this? I like my 16 months but am open to rollable-everything. #LoveNumbers

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