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Dramatis Personae


Branal / “M” – DEAD Human Tesseromancer, male, clinically depressed, a dandy. The scheming former Prefect of Keramis, City of Snails, wears all white, including a white marble mask, and is very (some say “hilariously”) depressed, at all times. He’s also very rich. He ran the Snail Games in Keramis until you stopped his fake Nephilite infestation. (But who initially hired him to fake the Nephilite infestation, which would have scared off the financial backers of both Savar and Quinze, had not Branal sold the truth about the “infestation” for one million proli-10 to Quinze?) Now Branal is on the run from Quinze’s assassins, since he failed to secure Keramis for Quinze Shipping but kept the million bucks. Underlings included: Ghant the Crab’s brother, Bodo the Shell Warden (snail-fluffer). Various toughs. Snails.

“Blackheart” (Dib, Adib) – Human 8th-level Fighter (Sand Flea Sharpshooter), clinically depressed but otherwise hanging in. “The reluctant leader” and only remaining NPC Dib. He really likes hanging out with Veli and shooting things. He does not like having everyone he loves killed horribly or go insane. Probably was good that he didn’t see Khamod the Hungry invade Karnash for fifteen minutes… Like the other Dibs, Adib is a slender, olive-skinned, bearded “Sand Flea” or poor ex-Imperial citizen now trapped in Lothay with no opportunities to succeed—other than piracy. He and his brothers followed their older, distant cousin Karzol into signing on with Guznech.

Dib, Badib – DEAD? Human 5th-level Fighter (Sand Flea Sharpshooter), believed drowned. “The happy fat one.” He was washed away in a gale on the journey from Lothay City to Port Thraum. He is mourned by “Blackheart.”

Dib, Cadib – Human 5th-level Fighter (Sand Flea Sharpshooter), currently recovering from emotional problems. “The melancholy/philosophical one.” In Keramis, the party was almost wiped when former leader Alas tried to light a dinosaur on fire and got her face chewed off in a huff. Cadib saw all this up-close, and he failed his Sanity check pretty bad. He developed chronic hypochondria and believed he was covered in lethal black mold no matter how hard he scrubbed. He had to be dosed with what was essentially horse-tranq or morphine to calm him down and keep him from ripping off his skin with a chunk of pumice. He awaited the PCs’ return (or, really, Adib’s) to Lothay City, where they had paid for a good doctor to work with him and, slowly by slowly, help him recover his wits.

Dib, Dadib – DEAD Human 4th-level Fighter (Sand Flea Sharpshooter). “The older, jaded/cool one.” He died in Z4, fighting the Brain-Collector [eyeless white ape with Cthulhu-tentacles] and is mourned by one to three of his brothers, depending on Badib’s being alive or not and Cadib’s current ability to mourn.

The Dinosaur Circus

Eduk – Human 8th-level Barbarian, lawful good. [“WHOA REALLY!? LAWFUL GOOD!?!?” “YES REALLY. HE IS THE RAREST UNICORN.”] [Captain] Eduk is the commander of the small “army” of Vezzi hunters who allied with you after you returned the Honeyfather to the Vezzi’s Yellow Marsh. Eduk is tall, turbaned, and trustworthy. Underlings include: [Leftenant] Fareng, his 5th-level Barb second-in-command. Eduk and Fareng are currently in military command of Karnash and await your orders, as ever.

Faraan, Amban of Lothay – Unhuman Badass (you’re not sure what class), male, blue-gray skin, middle-aged, more important than you, smart. The Amban of Lothay, KommKor [Brigadier General] Faraan, is the most powerful Federation man in the East. Each autonomous territory (the Great Desert, the Wastes, the Maanhaar March, Tephnia, Lothay, the Tuurmarsh [until now], etc.) is governed by an appointed political-military potentate called an Amban, who has absolute authority to levy taxes and dispatch troops. Faraan faces a permanent simmering battle to control his borders, hence wanting to secure peace and needing to send extrapolitical contractors (Savar [y’all]) instead of his own legions to complete sensitive missions abroad. Underlings include:  Y’all, several full legions and auxiliary legions of the FUK army, navy, and special forces.

Guznech – Human Badass (you’re not sure what class), male, arrogant, huge, gruff. Ruler of “Guznechnya” (his own made-up nation below the Wall of Razzan, in between the Empire and Federation, on the road east from Lothay City), Guznech is a narcissist and a brute but a fair leader of his small band of disenfranchised humans, all of whom would have been middle class water-farmers or rock-polishers or whatever, before the unhumans, led by the great Gazaar, took Lothay in the Second War. Guznech is a thorn in the side of Amban Faraan, but it would cost a lot to send the whole army after him. The Amban has already indicated to Savar that, as soon as his favorite mercenary bad-asses are free, he would pay handsomely for Guznech and his entire army to be quietly liquidated (or otherwise persuaded to give up the banditry that supports them, deep underneath the titanic Wall).  Underlings included: Karzol and the Dibs. Currently, underlings include: Various Sand Fleas.

Iannicus – DEAD Human Black Legionary, male, blonde, gestapo-esque. A Centurion of the Black Legion, Iannicus worked for the Templarchi, the corps in charge of making sure that powerful artifacta from the ancient Tephnian Empire do not leave the Sasparadan Empire’s borders. He was humorless and shadowy, and Dr. Osc threw him down a five-hundred-foot cliff as soon as possible. Underlings included/also killed: Heraion (rank of Optio in the Black Legion), likewise trained/dressed/blonde.

Karzol – DEAD Human Fighter (Sand Flea Sharpshooter). Leftenant Karzol led the Dibs into battle with you when you descended halfway down into the Chasm to search the ancient lab called Z4. Karzol’s brain was promptly collected by a Brain-Collector. He is mourned by a large family back in Guznechnya who relied upon him for monetary and moral support. Sniff. Sob. Underlings included: The Dibs.

Kilan – Human Monk, female, little girl, super serious personality. A fifty-year-old Vezzi sage reincarnated into the body of a girl, Kilan has waited patiently for eight years, knowing that one day the Heroes (s/he was vague on their form and number) would guide her to her place as gentle ruler of the Tuur. Kilan has been blessed with (or his/er brain has evolved to allow for) endless reincarnation, and s/he has no fear that s/he will continue to absorb the culture and ethics of the Tuur and be able to help them grow out of their six-thousand-year “adolescent phase” (cannibalism, demonolatry, e.g.), now that you have placed him/er into political prominence in Karnash. Underlings include: Theoretically, all of the Vezzi will do essentially whatever you or Kilan say. They believe the hype. The other Tuur do not, at least not without various reservations.

Quinze, Carolus – Human Aristocrat, male, handsome, otherwise physically unremarkable. Quinze is the most richest, motherfucking filthiest richest motherfucker in Pala. A Northerner who now dwells in Faldan’s capital, Gilt Kerai, he wants to break into shipping in the Empire but has so far been stifled by Savar. Underlings include:  QUINZE SHIPPING (Branal, Spatho, various mafia organizations across Pala. Kayla met him once.

Ravas / Savar – Ravas is the Wrecker-King, a famous Blood-dealer turned explorer turned playboy. Ravas was the first to massively market archae-goods since the Second War, or really since the First War: For a thousand years, no one has systematically unearthed, restored, and sought to control the forces buried in the sands, in the fungal jungles… Ravas is reputedly almost as rich as Quinze—but no one can agree on much about Ravas the actual person, other than that he does too many drugs and is always disappearing, on his air-yacht, right after making furious protestations of love to you… SAVAR on the other hand is also reputedl as rich as Quinze and is known to be, if a playboy, much more of the Jay-Z type, lamping coolly from meeting to meeting (in his air-yacht). Savar is not as well known as his famous alter-ego (true persona?), but Underlings include: Your party, Vasha and Shadah, Pir Zidet, various eccentrics across the continent.

Spatho – Horseheaded man Gunslinger, male. Personal assassin of Carolus Quinze.

Topal – Big Man of Jakay, the southernmost “city” of the Tuur. A big fan of Zylla’s. Underlings include: While not an “underling” per se, thought it would be appropriate to mention Captain Ona, the multiply de-limbed unhuman

Turkz – DEAD Primus Pilus [Colonel] Turkz of the Black Legion. One-time Big Man of Karnash. Lover of Zylla. Looked like Patrick Swayze a la Point Break. Acted like Kurtz a la Apocalypse Now. Died when Spatho shot him in the face with a laser after Kayla and Osc shot him several times with bullets. His body was blown up by his ex-girlfriend. Underlings included: Optio [Leftenant] Mats, the guy with the chainsaw-tipped arrows. He may or may not still be alive, and may or may not be thirsty for vengeance…

Vasha Guillot – Underlings include: Shadah, Vasha’s bad-ass assassin gmothi lady friend.

Voraxion, Legatus of the Templarchi – Human Hell Scientist(?), male, looks exactly like Anthony Hopkins in black leather muscle-armor.

Xulkuthay – DEAD Human (? mutant? he had blue skin) hell scientist. Former Big Man of Karnash. Underlings included: Ghorodar, Xul’s mutant bodyguard.

Zidet, Pir – (The Geico gecko) a plucky malmain working for Ravas/Savar.

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