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July 4, 2012 / Wythe

In honor of the Fourth… an American adventure

Time travel back to the Founding Fathers days: The PCs gotta help Thomas Paine, who asks to be called T-Pain, free four slaves owned by President Thomas Jefferson, who everyone calls T-Jax, who is secretly a steam-powered/partly wooden cyborg with the powers of magnetism, who is on vacation back at Monticello for a minute.

T-Pain has the negative trait: Talks angrily about freedom nonstop, even if in hiding. T-Jax has a pair of stonepunk mecha-owls called Coriolanus and Flavius. Also: Tobaccorks (botanical orcs bioengineered using horticulture… and evil magic). T-Pain has a shotgun that shoots irradiated red, white, and blue Freedom Chunks stolen from Ben Franklin.

The four slaves, John, August, Grant, and Robert, are friends of T-Pain from back in the dizzle. They are skilled with farm tools; Robert is also a cardshark; Grant can hack into steampunk robots. They are currently in the “brig” (torture wing) of Monticellar (the underground/evil/living part of Monticello).

T-Jax’s daughters, Utopia and She-Who-Walks-Farthest (both of whom are suspiciously caramel-toned) are back from boarding school in France just in time to help the PCs navigate their way around their Papa’s underground mansion… but one of them is a double agent for a Jeffersonian éminence grise who seeks to supplant T-Jax as Shadow Emperor of Early Capital, or whatever.

Maybe Monticellar shoots into space as the PCs wend through its depths, trying to find a way out before Flavius eats one of their eyes…?


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